Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Technically we are using 2 imps. One as a temp sensor (left keg), and one for the tap active LED. That said, I've marked 3 down, as we fried one... before we put it in a zip loc.
 0000s 0004 facing left
Pebble Watch
The Pebble was a late addition. We had a team member come in late, wanting to help. As the endpoint was already there, It only took him an hour to get it all hooked up. Just in time for the end of day judging.
Wunderbar relayr 02 1024x1024
We used 3 sensors from the WunderBar pack. The temp sensor & movement sensor for the right keg, and the proximity sensor for the left keg. The Prox sensor worked much better, as our install team mate did a great job of tucking it behind the beer pull, not interfering with the action of pulling, and giving a rock solid pull/no pull state. The x/y/z sensor was a little jittery, and resulted in false positives... Aside from being on the pull, thus in the way.
Iphone hero
Apple iPhone
We pushed the iPhone App (using to multiple team members, and to the dedicated, at tap, dashboard. The base of the App came up pretty quickly, so I'd say we had the dashboard up around noon... just in time for the lunch crowd, then many many updates through the day.
Software apps and online services:
Screen%20shot%202015 07 20%20at%206.09.16%20pm
Amazon Web Services AWS EC2


Pebble App
Img 3876
ElectricImp LED
Img 3892
ElecticImp LED 2
Img 3893
Wunderbar Admin
Screenshot%202015 05 23%2012.40.28
Tap sensors
The sensors counting beer draws & the iOS app
Iot setup
Hack A Beer iOS App Page
Img 3871
Hack A Beer Thank You Page
Img 3870
Temp Sensor in the Keg
Img 3879


Server, iOS and Pebble Code


Eric Hayes

I am an indy iOS developer.



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